Who is La Calle Vive?


La Calle Vive reflects the world’s diversity. We want to manifest in action everything that we dream of, think of, talk of doing. All of us involved here believe that philosophy is action and live according to this ideology. So we got together to create products that will have you digging into your pockets for moolah that will sponsor charities across the world.

There are the artists. They create the designs this whole project is based on. Without them, none of this would be possible. Our artists hail from all over the world, and while they might be different in many ways, they all share a huge passion for street art. They aren’t just involved in designing shirts, but also in selling them: Every artist receives at least 20% of the earnings made with their design.

Then, there is the founder. Lukas Salomon is a young Austrian. He spent a student exchange year in Buenos Aires, Argentina – one of the most vibrant and vivid places on the Earth when it comes to urban art and graffiti. This is where he fell in love with street art.

He realized that this form of art, apart from its obvious beauty, is very powerful and has a big impact on people. At a certain moment, he asked himself: How could this power be used in order to eliminate some of the world’s problems?

While this may sound exaggerated, La Calle Vive is the first attempt to do so.