Who benefits?


You. For owning a great piece of clothing. And the world. Charity begins with you.

We are not picking and whining when we say the proceeds go to charity. 25% of our earnings are donated to various NGOs and charities.  So when you pick that T-shirt off our store and wear it, do so with pride. They don’t just make you look cool and up your awesomeness quotient by a couple of notches, but also remind you that you care. For the world, the people in it and the Earth that makes it all possible.

We don’t give your money to random organizations. In order to make sure that the donations get to the people that are supposed to receive them, we only work with a selected few. At La Calle Vive, we don’t do politics nor religion. Thus, we will only choose trustworthy, independent NGOs. Currently, 50% of the donations go to Ärzte ohne Grenzen (Doctors without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières) and the other 50% go to Oxfam.