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Price: €26


This thought-provoking design by Christian Böhmer will make you look twice. But it’s not just the smart idea that distinguishes this work. So does the execution, with an incredible degree of details and shadows.


About the designer:


Christian Böhmer is a German freelance artist working in the area of Urban Art/Graffiti. His artistic career started more than 16 years ago. In the late 1990s, he started with classical graffiti. But after only a few years, he managed to establish a connection between classical painting and working with aerosols – even before the later invented term “street art” should become world famous.

Since then, Böhmer has developed an artistic language that is oriented towards classical portrait painting, but includes the contemporary elements of Street Art. For 5 years, Böhmer has been living and working in Cologne, Germany.

He describes his works as “Post Urban” and thereby refers himself to links to Urban Art. Böhmer, however, goes one step further by mystifying the morbid character of urban façades in a subtle play with color and haptic. Thus, in each of Böhmer’s works, the portraits symbolize the calm anchor amidst the chaos.

About our shirts:

Our shirts are currently unisex models that look as good on women as they do on men. Nevertheless, we are already developing a Ladies collection.

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