Please note that this image isn’t an actual photo of a LCV shirt. Rather, it is a digital mock-up that is practically identical to the real thing. We’re working on providing real photos ASAP.
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Price: €26


With only two colors and a clever use of white space, Aleix Gordo Hostau has created a very strong design. A fine reference to pop culture, this white shirt will make you look amazing.


About the designer:


Aleix Gordo Hostau has always lived in Barcelona, Spain. Since 1997, he’s been working as an illustrator, covering a broad range of different occupations. Among them are drawing books for children, designing magazine pages and working for well-known companies such as Coca Cola, Orange, Vans and Panini Comics.

Today, Gordo Hostau mainly focuses on graphic design, muralism and urban art.

About our shirts:

Our shirts are currently unisex models that look as good on women as they do on men. Nevertheless, we are already developing a Ladies collection.

All our shirts are Continental Clothing Earth Positive products. They fulfill the highest standards of every aspect of a T-shirt. Apart from their excellent quality, they are organic and ethically made; manufactured solely using energy generated from wind and solar power. Continental Clothing also tackles the social injustice experienced by many workers in the textile industry. For more information about our shirts, check The Shirts.

25% of all our earnings are donated to charity.