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Geometrical Art

Price: €26


This white shirt with a black print is typical for Poeta’s art. He uses strict geometrical shapes in order to create extraordinary puzzles of art. This simple yet at the same time extraordinarily sophisticated style doesn’t just look good on the walls, but also on this exclusive shirt.


About the designer:


Poeta (Christian Riffel) began to paint when he was a child and started to experiment art through graffiti in the year 1998. Hailing from Villa Ballester (Buenos Aires, Argentina), he says that his inspiration always had its source in the environment he grew up in, the street and its people.

While Poeta always considered himself a graffiti artist, he did not explore the area of typographic graffiti a lot, unlike many artists of his generation. He developed a simple yet distinctive style – consisting out of lines, curves and eyes made out of aerosol points – that served as his signature during his early career.

Today, the works of Poeta combine brilliant colors and lines in order to create compositions out of geometrical shapes. While he does recognize that his murals with human figures might be more accessible for a general audience, he prefers to experiment with color fields and abstract forms. Poeta is an artist in constant movement in terms of his creative development. He has big aspirations regarding his artistic career.

A real poet, one of his favorite quotes is “I don’t have anything and I’m searching everything”

About our shirts:

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